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Rolling Stones bootleg – Welcome To New York (1972)


So many Rolling Stones bootlegs have come out over the years that unless you’re a completist and have an unlimited budget, you have some picking and choosing to do.

One of the Stones bootlegs that deserves a five-star rating is Welcome to New York, which boasts an excellent soundboard recording of a July 1972 show at Madison Square Garden. In the 1970s, Welcome to New York was first released on LP by Trademark of Quality, one of the decade’s top bootleg labels.

Then, in 1989, a bootlegger calling itself Swingin’ Pig reissued Welcome to New York on this great-sounding CD. The name Swingin’ Pig was clearly inspired by Trademark’s famous logo, which depicted the side of a pig. (A 1970s bootlegger pretending to be Trademark had a logo that depicted a pig smoking a cigar.)

This CD reminds you of just how great a period the early ’70s were for the Stones — from “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and “Sweet Virginia” to “Rip This Joint,” “Midnight Rambler,” and Robert Johnson‘s “Love in Vain,” there isn’t a dull moment on Welcome to New York. While other Stones bootlegs that originally surfaced in the 1970s had impressive performances but inferior sound quality, Welcome to New York offers both excellent performances and excellent sound.

This reissue is highly recommended to Stones fans and is well worth hunting for.

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