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Bob Dylan In Concert – Unreleased 1963 In Concert Album


The material presented here is an absolute must-have to any collection. It has been available for many years, but this package blows away every release that has come before. This is the one to own.

CBS was planing this release during the 1963-64 Christmas season, and it went as far as being pressed to acetate. It has long been rumored that the LP cover was completed as well, and this CD purports to be a reproduction of it. It is a beautiful cover, and leaves little doubt to it’s authenticity. The thorn seems to have been the rambling 6½ minute prose “Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie”.

A song missing from Carnegie is Talkin’ John Birch. It, along with this version of Who Killed Davy Moore? was released on the official CBS release Bootleg Series Vol 1-3. The recording has been filtered and EQ’d for this release, and the result is near perfection. The overall aesthetics, quality, and material of this package make it one of the best CD boots ever produced. The Colessum version has a slightly nicer disc, as all songs are listed with a one word title.

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