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Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who DVD (2007)

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First, the misses – I wish they would have included full concerts, or at least four or five full songs from the 1970s shows (the way McCartney’s new DVD allegedly will). That would have made this perfect.

However, what is here is great. More footage of the Kilburn 1977 show than I thought I’d ever see, to hear how the band supposedly hated the gig/Jeff Stein’s footage of that show. We see part of a great, pre-album (almost by a year) version of “Who Are You” live at Kilburn, with Moon and Entwistle jamming underneath Pete’s guitar. Pete sings the chorus by himself (!), even the “Who the f ….” part, and Daltrey later joins in.

It’s wonderful to see Moon playing drums on a live version (other than the live-in-the-studio take in “The Kids Are Alright.” The Who, from the clips seen in this DVD, sounded pretty stinking good at Kilburn. Moon actually looks like he was in better shape and less tired than the 1978 Shepperton footage in “TKAA.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the two Shepperton clips in “TKAA,” but Moon seems more firey and hits the drums and cymbals faster (and with less effort) on the Kilburn clips. Good footage of Entwistle’s crazy fingers on the bass at Kilburn, although a couple segments don’t quite match up with his fingers, but nonetheless, it’s great to see 1970s footage of the Ox cuttlng loose on the bass. This happens at the end of “Dreaming from the Waist” at Kilburn. Unfortunately, we only see the end of the song, but it’s great to see John wailing on four strings.

It’s also great to see The Who clowning around in the studio while trying to do the backing vocals to “Pictures of Lily,” and there’s a quick segment of Pete laying down the electric guitar for the track. Clips of the “Quadrophenia” and “Who By Numbers” tours are awesome, allthough short like the Kilburn gig. We see Pete holding up Keith Moon (or restraining him?) at Pete’s mic stand, then Pete and Roger carrying Moon to his drum kit, and then Moonie collapsing.

Interesting interviews with Pete and Roger, although much of Pete’s is lifted from “An Ox’s Tale” DVD and the 2004 interview Murray Lerner did for “The Who Live at the Isle of Wight” limited theatrical release and special edition DVD version in 2004. The quick segment of Hyde Park in 1994 (or 1996?) was interesting, although no site of David Gilmour. I’m glad they talked to Kenney Jones, who is pretty much bitter-free, at least in the interviews. He really carries the weight of Daltrey’s fueding back then, the world’s criticisms of him not being Keith Moon, and the 1979 Cincinatti trajedy where 11 Who fans were trampled to death in a stampede for festival (general admsision) seats.

Maybe they will eventually put out all of these shows in full, someday soon on DVD. Take a note from Deep Purple and Kiss, please, Roger and Pete, and dump all the archive stuff on us. We are waiting.

P.S. The talking heads segments aren’t that bad. They’re limited (only Noel Gallagher gets on my nerves, acting as if he’s bothered to play with The Who at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000 – what the heck? I’ll play fourth banana to The Who anyday!), as if the filmmakers started to include them in the beginning, and then kind of abandoned the idea in favor of interviews with Pete, Roger and file interviews of Entwislte, as well as their siblings and parents. First time I think I’ve heard Simon Townshend speak (not counting his background vocals live – and lead vocals on the 1996 Quadrophenia DVD)

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