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Jimi Hendrix Morning Symphony Ideas (2000)


First, I’d like to mention the Dagger Records’ philosophy (which I already did in another review): ”To service Jimi’s fans, we have created Dagger Records, a unique label established to release bootleg’ recordings which further detail Jimi’s illustrious legacy”.

These lines are available on the official Hendrix site and each album released under this label is considered as official bootleg and is supervised by the Hendrix family (mainly Janie who is his half sister). It is the first Dagger album which was not a live one and it only features unfinished (and unpolished) material. All tracks were taped in ’69 and ’70.

Now, specifically about this recording (from the same source): “Morning Symphony Ideas is an extraordinary collection of previously unreleased studio and home demo recordings”.

I wouldn’t be as laudatory for sure. Die-hard Hendrix fans (to whom I belong) can enjoy some of these moments but half an hour of “Keep On Groovin” jam offers little memorable moments for the casual listener. But this album is not meant for them.

There is a well known track available here (“Room Full Of Mirrors”) which was already released on the excellent “Rainbow Bridge” album. “Strato Strut” was also featured in an early version on the album “From Nine To The Universe”.

It is of course always emotional for a die-hard fan to listen to Jimi’s voice while introducing a track (“Jungle”). Still, it is quite attractive: a smooth guitar to start (as one could have experienced in “Hey Joe”), and some “Villanova Junction” mood later on which evolves to a furious and wild jam party (with great drumming from Miles). This ensures for one of the best track available here. Definitely the most accessible for non Hendrix maniacs.

My votes go to the extended version of “Room Full Of Mirrors”. The most accomplished one; damned good actually even if it sounds quite raw and to some extent crazy. “Strato Strut” is the more complete one in terms of a band. It features the whole “Band Of Gypsys” (which is not my fave line up, but I mentioned this already in another review of the great man) and sounds quite jazzy.

Getting into the long “Scorpio Woman” is quite an achievement which requires some definite and deep love for the great man.

As I have said, this album is of course not dedicated to everyone. I’ve added it to the PA database because I am profoundly touched by the genius he was and I believe that each of his official release deserves a review but I wouldn’t rate this album with more than two stars.


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