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Oasis The Masterplan (1998)


I have been reviewing Oasis albums recently, and didn’t want to leave this little gem out. The Masterplan came out back in 1998 but most of the songs are older than that. This is basically a collection of B-sides and demos. You might assume that this makes it a poor album, but remember, when Oasis set out they were something special. That early period is where most of these tracks were taken from. So is it second rate rubbish or is it gold dust? Well here’s what I make of the tracks:

1. Acquiesce – This is a wonderful start to the album. Fast, powerful great beat and good lyrically. This is Oasis when they were good. They did actually release this as a single it became so popular, what a B-side! 9/10

2. Underneath The Sky – Another magical song! ‘Underneath the sky above, there’s a story teller sleeping alone, he has no face and he has no name, but his whereabouts are some what unknown.’ Great line. This is a really strong song with a nice happy melody. 8/10

3. Talk Tonight – A slower one. Noel sings on this one and it sounds silky. A really strong song that should make it onto any album. 8/10

4. Going Nowhere – Another really nice simple song. Has a great feel to it, the lyrics flow and Noel’s voice is excellent. There is a nice chilled out feel to this one. Has a real feel of when Oasis started out, before they made it big and were still dreamers. 8/10

5. Fade Away – Hard rocking magic. This is what Oasis were all about, raw sound, passion and power. This is a classic song, Liam sings out the words perfectly. 9/10

6. The Swamp Song – A live bit of instrumental with some class harmonica over the top. 8/10

7. I Am The Walrus (live) – Liam open this song by saying ‘Doesn’t matter if its out of tune, cus your cool!’. I love that attitude. Good song. 8/10

8. Listen Up – More magic. A fantastic song that grabs your attention and shakes you all around. Liam tells is ‘I’m gonna speak my mind’. And he does. Another one that could get on any album Oasis have done. 9/10

9. Rockin’ Chair – A really nice little song. Nothing special about it, it’s just plain good. 8/10

10. Half The World Away – How can this be a B-side? It’s a massive song we probably all know! It’s just a simple acoustic sung by Noel. But it’s just so good! 10/10

11. (It’s Good) To Be Free – More classic Oasis noise. A heavy song that flows brilliantly. Liam at his best whines his way through with sheer class. 9/10

12. Stay Young – This song sums up for me what Oasis were all about. ‘Hey stay young and invincible’. That is the attitude I grew up on, and maybe need to get back! A brilliant rock song that shakes you to your core! 10/10

13. Headshrinker – Oasis get very heavy with this one. It’s a little to heavy to be a classic but it still sounds very good. 8/10

14. The Masterplan – Noel thinks this is Oasis’ best song. He may well be correct. The lyrics are beautiful; the sound is pure bliss, it’s everything Wonderwall never quite was. It’s just a brilliant song and a wonderful way to finish of an incredible album. 10/10

Well, quite simply this album blows me away. To say it’s a collection of B-sides it is simply stunning. Some of the songs are easily my favourite Oasis songs and there are just no weak songs on the album. It really is something you have to listen to, it’s a real shame this album was overlooked by many. If you like Oasis and have never heard this album, you must go get a copy. It really is a hidden gem!

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