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Oasis (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? (1995)


Oasis’ second album was a major sucess. There were some brilliant melodies on it and every song was a winner. Their first album, Definitely Maybe, brought them some sucess, and it’s follow up, Morning Glory was even better. The quality of production on Morning Glory is ten times that of it’s predecessor. There are some great tunes on here that are just rockin’ and some excellent ballads.

Oasis combined the rough image of the Rolling Stones with Beatles melodies and lyrics similar to the Kinks. Then they have the loud guitar sound that draws from the Sex Pistols rebellion and the Stones arrogance. Anyone who has ever read an Oasis review will know that the band are extremely arrogant, which in my opinion takes away from the music. This album was done before the band had fully developed their egos.

This album was the second biggest album in the U.K. It was also the fastest selling album in the U.K. since Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. This album is truly Oasis at their best.

Hello- A real rocking tune. It starts out with the chords of Wonderwall, and then comes in with a heavier electric guitar riff. A great album opener, and just an all around fun song to listen to. 4/5

Roll With It- This song is also one of the more rocking songs. The track was one of the many hits off the album and does very well.The guitars are good, and the lyrics are also good, like most of the lyrics on the album. Liam also does well with vocals. 4/5

Wonderwall- The definitive Oasis song. Everyone has heard this song before, regardless of whether they think so or not. In fact, this song was so popular that it was still receiving radio airplay in 1997. The lyrics in the song are great, and I think that Liam handles vocals very well. The acoustic guitar is great and the strings are also good. Late in the song, there is a piano riff which is fitting and sounds excellent. Not a bad video clip either. 5/5

Don’t Look Back In Anger- Another of the many hits from this album. Don’t Look Back In Anger is just another of those songs that shows Oasis’ excellent sense of melody. It starts with piano until the guitar comes in. Some of the best lyrics Oasis have ever done as well. Very uplifting. Definitely a 5/5.

Hey Now!- A great song by itself, but nowhere near the strongest track on the album. Another one that is more rocking than the previous two tracks. This song is another winner.

Track 6- Just a litte instrumental thing with a guitar solo. Pretty cool, about 30 seconds long.

Some Might Say- The lyrics to this song are also great, just a really fun song. There is some great soloing over the top by Noel Gallagher. I really like Liam’s vocals in this song. Another rocking tune, and the first single from the album. 5/5

Cast No Shadow- At one time, this song was my favourite on the album. I don’t beleive it was ever released as a single, but it is definitely one of the albums strongest points. This song by far has the best vocal harmonies on the album. They are mixed fairly low, but they are definitley worth looking out for. Some good lyrics in here, and a very nice sounding guitar. The drums are good too, despite not being the highlight of the song. 5/5

She’s Electric- This song is a bit different to the others, and possibly the weakest track on the album. It’s still a lot of fun, despite having some slightly strange lyrics. I think this song has a slight country influence. 3.5/5

Morning Glory- This song has great melodies and an extremely catchy and infectious chorus. Every song on the album is very, very catchy, but this one deserves special mention. Great fun as usual, with a top guitar solo. Liam’s vocals are top class as usual. 5/5

Track 11- This track is just the same as track 6, except that it sounds like it’s being played from a distance and theres a lot of rushing water sounds in the background.

Champagne Supernova- Wow is the only thing I can really say to do this song justice, until you hear it. A long track, clocking in at 7:27. The lyrics aren’t the most poetic, but everything else makes up for it x2 and then some more. I don’t really know what else that there is that I can say about this song other than this: Listen To It Now! The build ups are awesome, and the guitar work is very tasteful. Liam’s vocals have never been better. 5/5

This album is an absolute essential if you like just plain old Rock N’ Roll. If you like catchy stuff, then this album is a top buy. Seriously, there are not many people who I would not reccomend this album to. My words simply don’t do it justice.

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