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Oasis (What’s The Story) Morning Glory ? (1995)


Although this album is now often considered the band’s “masterpiece,” initial reviews were lukewarm. It was only after people started buying the album in bucketfulls (I think that this is the bestselling British album ever) that it was critically reappraised, even snagging Q magazine’s “Album of the Decade” accolade.

This is the album that gave the Gallagher brothers the world domination that they craved, largely on the strength of the smash hit “Wonderwall,” an evocative ballad with all the makings of an instant classic. This album is largely made up of mellower, more sensitive compositions, as Oasis expands their grand grungy sound to include instrumentation such as cello, keyboards, harmonica, and mellotron. Only “Hello” and “Morning Glory” really crank up the amps like on their debut but fortunately do so quite convincingly.

Elsewhere, “Roll With It” is awfully catchy, while the truly sublime “Don’t Look Back In Anger” is a big Beatlesque ballad, this time with Noel on vocals. “Hey Now” has another nice melody, while its subsequent instrumental segue is harmless if unnecessary. “Some Might Say” is one of the album’s harder hitting and best tracks; after listening to this song you just gotta give Noel his due as a songwriter, and when Liam sings “we will find a brighter day” damn if it doesn’t brighten my day.

The airy, melancholic “Cast No Shadow” (love those sighing backing vocals) gets my vote as this album’s overlooked gem, while the sing songy “She’s Electric” is minor but also quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, track ten is a waste of 39 seconds before the album ends with “Champagne Supernova,” another epic power ballad and instant classic, though its overly long length provides an ominous foreshadowing of their next endeavor. Still, when Liam sings “where were you while we were getting high?,” the answer for many people in 1995 was “somewhere listening to this album.”

Perhaps Morning Glory isn’t as attention grabbing or as exciting as Definitely Maybe, but this album has a diversity that their debut doesn’t. Some argued that The Beatles’ influence was again all too apparent, and Oasis also liberally borrows from T. Rex, samples Gary Glitter, and steals a melody from R.E.M. This may make Oasis unoriginal, but it doesn’t mean that they’re uncreative, since Noel is a highly effective musical plunderer who is a supreme melodist in his own right.

Besides, the band sounds great throughout (new drummer Alan White was a nice addition whose work really enhances several songs), and the years have only been kind to this mid-’90s classic.

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