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Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same (1976)


This album was recorded in 1973 in Madison Square Garden for a three day concert for Led Zeppelin. The album has less songs than the movie but is a fantastic live album.

Celebration Day – This live version of Celebration Day is one of the best versions. One of Zeppelin’s great songs off the third album. Bonham’s drumming is superb. The solo from Jimmy is absolutley amazing. The LZ III version is slightly shorter than the live one. But Zeppelin knows how to rock out in 4 minutes. 4.9/5

Dazed and Confused – JPJ’s bass is stunning here as it opens to a wah wah guitar. This 27 minute song features great guitar work, singing. bass play, and drumming.(I know they always do). Not only does Robert mimic Jimmy’s licks, but also Bonham does too. This shows how diverse Bonham is. Not only can he rock with a set order, but can also improvise to Jimmy’s improvisation! Right before the solo (after the ridiculous bow solo) JPJ goes nuts on his bass. This song maybe the highlight of the album. 5/5

Moby Dick – The all knowing riff that hits your spine is even heavier live. Page showboats with in the DVD with fancy moves. But this song is about none other than BONZO!!! The 10 minute solo features gong playing, hand playing, and really fast stick playing. Throughout the whole thing Bonham is utilizing his foot and playing a cymbal with shakers on top. Then after he is done with his hands, Jimmy and John Paul rejoins him to finish it up. A fabulous solo song with no lyrics. 5/5

No Quarter – Another long song that Jimmy uses alot of fuzz effect on his guitar. The solo is also stunning. This is where John Paul Jones shines on his keyboard. (This guy plays everything you throw at him). Not only is he good at bass and the mandolin and the twelve string guitar but the keyboard and synth is amazing. The band works into his shinning moment with him and Bonzo lightly tapping on drums to accompany him. A good song with great lyrics. 4.5/5

Rain Song – Robert’s personal favorite that he wrote. Not much to say about this one other than it is a slow song that relaxs the crowd before they start to rock out again. Robert’s voice is what stands out in this song. He has different changes of pitch and tone. Bonham drumming is what is great at the end of the song along with the keyboard. 4/5

Rock and Roll – The DVD opener. Jimmy is playing guitar one and guitar two on the same guitar. He plays the opening riff first then quickly moves to the higher pitch riff. It sounds really cool. The most lively song on the album. 5/5

Stairway to Heaven – The Zeppelin song and they did not dissapoint in this version. Jimmy plays the first half of the song on the upper half of the doublenecked guitar which is the twelve string part. JPJ’s keyboard is really soothing. Robert’s voice is fantastic in this song. The solo comes at 6:30 and blows any other version out of THE water. He really really blows my mind with trills and hammer on and pull offs. It seems like this is the best part of the album and just kicks ARSE. All I can say is WOW. 10/5

Whole Lotta Love – They really get the crowd rolling wiht this song and I can understand why. Plant really shows what he is made of and shows it off. The Theramin solo is very trippy. That goes on for like 4 minutes and Jimmy just fools around with the machine. Then the incorporated songs start. Boogie Chillun’. It was first performed by John Lee Hooker. Zeppelin shows that their roots are still within them. A great song. 5/5

The Song Remains The Same – ANother song where Jimmy plays the twelve string and he just goes to town on this song. Robert has alot of fun and sings his heart out on the album and concert closer. Another Zeppelin classic off of HOTH. This live version is sooo much better than the album. GREAT drum work by Bonham. This is one of my favorites. 5/5

This album deserves more than a 5. Zeppelin went over the at this concert and had a great set list. Jimmy did a great job putting the album together. If you liked this I suggest to buy the DVD. The Song Remains The Same.


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