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Supertramp Breakfast In America (1979)


From the opening moments of the first song “Gone Hollywood” when you hear the crisp, clear piano it is obvious that this is a disc sorely in need of a remastering. I pulled out my old vinyl and confirmed that fact. By the time you hear all of the musical nuances that fill “The Logical Song” a smile will come to your face as you realize the magic that Supertramp brought to the world. Who can forget the sax solo that highlights the previously mentioned song for one? Supertramp opened up many avenues and took us to places where you were much better off for visiting.

As I put this on and reminisced with an old friend it was good to hear how well the music has survived the years and come out the better for it. Remembering some of the glorious past times that we shared it was like we had never been apart. As one of my fondest memories “Goodbye Stranger” hit my ears I could not help but flashback to the days when cruising the countryside of Central Michigan with this blaring was part of many a fantastic summer night. Now as I did the same thing with this magnificently remastered edition it is like the years have melted away.

The Supertramp formula of pop, progressive, humor and whimsy has always been a winner but to hear it as crystal clear as this one is done is just short of Nirvana for a fan. The subtle guitar on “Oh Darling” and the terrific harmonies bring chills to hear again in such dynamic fashion. “Take The Long Way Home” sounds as if they are playing right there wherever you happen to be listening to it. The tantalizing keyboards and clarinet really come to life and you almost have the joy of hearing something new as each piece of this musical puzzle is on display in full fashion which just wasn’t possible when it was first released.

One of my favorite moments from the original disc was the song “Lord Is It Mine”. As powerful as it struck me back then, this update can bring tears to the eye. This dramatic song benefits most from the new technology applied and I am really glad it is here. They had a way of really wrenching the emotions and this one run you through the wringer.

The opus “Child Of Vision” which closes out the disc will never sound better. Just as an example of what this update has done is evident when you listen to the bass line of this terrific piece. The original had it buried deep in the mix but all of the dynamics come out on this album. With the infectious piano soaring above it, I found even more things to love about this song and the whole disc.

Now if that is not enough the deluxe edition has a second CD of unreleased live cuts taken from concerts in Miami, Paris and Wembley. Unlike their Live In Paris disc, this is a band that sounds at ease on stage and did not try to just reproduce there studio sound live. Here they let it go and the results make me kick myself for never going to see them when I had the chance. Even though most of the material comes from Breakfast In America they still get in some old favorites like “Give A Little Bit” and “Rudy” along with a very fun version of “Another Man’s Woman”.

For a Supertramp fan this one is a no brainer. For those that know the hits and that is it, this is a great place to get acquainted with one of the most unique and dynamic bands in rock and roll. You not only get them at their commercial peak there is also a glimpse of what got them there with the live recordings. Since getting this one it keeps climbing back into the player and I am more than happy to let it reside there. Do not let this one get by you. It is a must have even for those that have the original.


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