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Joe Walsh But Seriously, Folks (1978)

MI0002058244Joe Walsh is one of those artists you can never forget. It may be from his work with The James Gang or The Eagles or simply for his sense of humour and the escapades he went on under the influence of alcohol earlier in his career. It could easily be all of the above. All of these elements are what make the artist what he is today.

On December 11th Audio Fidelity reached back into the archives and unearthed the Walsh classic “But Seriously, Folks…” (1978). Releasing this collection of classic rock music was an easy choice. There are 8 choice cuts on the album and now they can be enjoyed in the label’s 24 karat gold format which lends itself well to rock music.

From the crazy cover depicting the legendary guitarist/vocalist in an underwater restaurant of sorts to outstanding instrumental forays that separate itself from the rest of the album on “Theme From Boat Weirdos,” this is musical entertainment at its very best. Walsh was and is to this day a unique guitar player. He is very talented, so much that whatever direction he decides to go, it sounds great. On the opening track “Over and Over” he offers up some reggae atmospheres and on his soon to be signature song “Life’s Been Good” (8:57 version), he cranks out a few outrageous riffs to give it more depth and keep the listener wondering what might be right around the corner. You always thought you knew what to expect when Walsh recorded an album but it never was the case. This is what separated him from everyone else and made his music something to look forward to.

His band mates from The Eagles help out on the recording making this a “cannot miss” release for Walsh. Certainly he never needed any help but it did not hurt to have such talent to add to the mix. If you travel back further into Walsh’s Barnstorm days he was already taking things to another level by the brilliant mixing of genres and dazzling guitar wizardry. Not only does the man have a distinctive vocal style that is instantly recognizable, he mastered his instrument many moons ago. This solo recording is yet another example of his prowess as a musician and consistent creative force.

Audio Fidelity has impeccable taste. They also released Walsh’s incredible The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get in 2009 (read the review). What would make this collection of 24kt Gold releases complete is to resissue So What and Barnstorm. James Gang albums would be a welcome addition as well.

There is not a bad cut on this album. Besides the previously mentioned tracks “At The Station” is classic Walsh and anyone that is a fan of his music will find great joy in hearing this in such a clear and crisp format. This is Joe in his element and providing another very strong solo album. When you think the album is closed out when “Life’s Been Good” tails off, wait, there is a very interesting a funny segment that takes you out. All I can say is beware of the “Flock of Waa Waa’s.” This is one part of this album I totally forgot about after all these years. And by the way, if you are not familiar with the history of Walsh, that particular is track is spot-on autobiographical as it was prior to him getting sober.

There is still time to grab this classic Walsh solo album for your music fan before the supplies run out. They are numbered limited editions. This is good time of year to think about a great stocking stuffer and what a surprise it would be to be able to find this gold CD tucked in between your sweet favorites this year.

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