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Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock (1994)


Only Alan Douglas could screw up what is probably Jimi’s most well known performance. Deciding that hey, people didn’t need to hear the whole concert, and that he didn’t particularly like the order in which Jimi played the songs he did, Alan in his infinite wisdom decided to give us about half of the concert, and re-arranged the rest for us.

Nice guy huh? C’mon, I know most Hendrix fans would have paid for a double CD. This concert deserved a double CD. And as for any arguments about the tapes not being available for the rest of the performance? Well, there was at least tape of one more song, Message To Love, because it’s played during the introduction on the video! And the rest, if not “in the can” could have been taken from ROIO’s and cleaned up. There was no excuse for this Alan, none!

Now, having vented, lets talk about what *is* on this CD. Good music. For a band that had been rehearsing together for only a couple weeks, they sound pretty good to me. What everybody would expect from this, The Star Spangled Banner, is here in all it’s glory, although it sounds like crowd noise has been added to it. Which, considering who was in charge of this, wouldn’t surprise me.

At least it’s a different crowd this time, previous releases of this Star Spangled Banner on The Ultimate Experience and Essential Jimi Hendrix had the crowd noise from the Atlanta concert added! (listen for tell tale drum thumps(?) during the first few bars) Voodoo Child has a few bars of Stepping Stone thrown into it by Jimi during a jam at the end of it. A rocking version of Purple Haze, followed by an extended Hendrix solo, which leads into the cool Villanova Junction to end this CD (Alan, didn’t Hey Joe close the concert? Hmmm??).

This is one that you need to add to your collection, I just wish I could say it’s the one that *should* be there. Perhaps a new version could be coaxed out of the current estate.

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