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Led Zeppelin Listen To This Eddie (LA Forum, July 1977)

Comparing the different versions of Listen To This Eddie





6-21-77, source 1

Absence/Listen To This Eddie (Tarantura2000), Yuzuki/Listen To This Eddie (Tarantura2000), Listen To This Eddie (Jelly Roll Remaster Version, SIRA Parts 1-3, SIRA Master Series, TDOLZ, & Tarantura2000), Out On the Tiles (Tarantura 1994 & 1996 issues), & Sequence of Events (no label)

These are strictly from the famous “Eddie” tape source, which don’t offer a complete Ten Years Gone or guitar solo.

“Sequence of Events” was released in June 2010. It’s the most complete tape available. It offers more music during the two cut songs and more tape between songs. Other than a few barely noticeable instances during the guitar solo, the sound doesn’t have any of the problems found on other titles. The speed is proper.

TDOLZ’s Ten Years Gone misses six seconds too much. For some reason, the sound quality drops down noticeably after Kashmir but recovers later before the next disc. Jelly Roll’s Remaster version was their first release of this show. It’s Ten Years Gone is cut too big like SIRA and the old Taranturas, missing about 80 seconds too much. The guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds.

Speed is the real difference between the two SIRA’s. The original issue runs faster. The cuts differ slightly. SIRA’s sound is perfect all the way through but it’s Ten Years Gone is 80 seconds too short. The guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds. The music and background noise are a little louder than some of the other titles. It is most likely due to equalization.

Tarantura’s Out On the Tiles are both exactly the same discs. Ten Years Gone is missing 80 seconds too much. The guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds. Fifteen seconds of audience cheer have been pasted between the guitar solo and Achilles Last Stand. The tape after the show was mostly copied from earlier in the show. The sound is very nice, like SIRA. Again, it may be completely due to equalizing and boosting the tape.

Absence has the more tape between songs than the older single source titles. It’s Ten Years Gone is cut, missing six seconds too much. For the first time on cd, Black Country Woman is missing the beginning 6 seconds. Another 8 seconds of music is missing too – this time in the Jimmy’s guitar solo. The sound on this title has been way, way over-worked. Simply said, it is just too loud. The background noise is far too much to bear.

Two consecutive “Eddie” tape releases to cd were made by Tarantura2000. Their first version “Absence” was billed to be the newest, latest and greatest, best sounding most complete…It was proved to be wrong, and was actually the least musically complete version of Eddie since the two SIRA’s and the original Tarantura issue (later reissued).

Now, with Tarantura2000’s latest “Listen To This, Eddie” (Yuzuki series), they specifically state in the liner notes: “Tarantura and Cool MixMan present to you the Original Master Recording in its most complete and unedited state. The recording has been faithfully mastered to display…” (Before getting to those statements, the author of the liner notes considered the SIRA Master Series to be best, “until now.” What about their “Absence?”)

To no surprise, this “Yuzuki” version is not from the master. It is not the most complete version (from the famous “Eddie” tape). It is not unedited. It has not been faithfully mastered. IT IS IN FACT, THE MOST HIGHLY CUT/EDITED VERSION EVER.

There are multiple cut and repeats of tape before and after the show, and more between songs. This effort of “faking tape” is for you to believe that there’s “more tape,” so it must be more complete. The title is missing Robert’s “I’ve started to cook” sentence, which can be found on their previous release. Six seconds of tape are missing from Ten Years Gone and more is missing after the song. Black Country Woman is complete this time after failing on Absence. The guitar solo wasn’t corrected this time from Absence’s failure, so again, 8 seconds of music is missing. There’s a cut in the beginning of Achilles Last Stand, when Jimmy starts in. This marks an enormous change in sound, and is very loud and unnatural.

Considering Tarantura2000’s history of over-tweaking (sabotaging) the sound, they were light handed this time. You must pay close attention to hear the hints of their equalizing. The music is louder than other titles and the background has been suppressed/tweaked. No improvement in sound.

It would be completely unprofessional for bootledz not to inform readers that Tarantura2000 is almost always JUNK. Yuzuki Eddie is completely fraudulent (intent to deceive and other elements) in their claims and of course isn’t the only one. Please, please do not rush to buy the latest Tara2000 title until you get a review from a trusted source. Don’t rely on reviews and comments issued before the title is released – those are usually biased and misinformed to generate sales.

6-21-77, sources 1 & 2

Listen To This Eddie (Akashic, Empress Valley’s three different individual issues and FBO Box set issue, Jelly Roll Definitive Complete Version, Scorpio, & Wendy Record’s four different issues)
These mixes rely on the famous Eddie tape and fill Ten Years Gone’s gap with an alternate tape. The cut in the guitar solo is not filled.

Jelly Roll’s Definitive Complete Version is different from their first release. JR is further missing the “I’ve started to cook” sentence and uses all but six seconds of the famous Eddie tape for Ten Years Gone. It and Empress Valley’s first Eddie (jewel cased) make edits at some cuts, adding in extra audience noise and sometimes repeating sections. JR and EV’s guitar solos are missing approximately 5 seconds.
Wendy first issue (jewel cased) contains all previously known tape between songs. It does use one cut/repeat (after Since). It misses too much of Ten Years Gone and it’s guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds.

Wendy’s second issue (sleeved) reuses the cds from the first edition.

Wendy’s third issue (jewel cased) of this title is different from the prior issues. It’s still missing too much of Ten Years Gone from the famous tape. They’ve spliced in extra tape after Since, Kashmir, and after the show that does not belong. The guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds.

Wendy’s forth issue (gatefold housed in clear sleeve) is a reissue of the previous edition.

Akashic’s Eddie is missing six seconds too much of Ten Years Gone. The guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds. All commentary between songs is present.
Scorpio’s title is missing some of the original tape after Since, having other tape inserted. Eight seconds of the Eddie tape are displaced by source two during Ten Years Gone. The guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds.

Empress Valley’s second and third issues of Eddie (both labeled “New Improved”) are almost the longest versions of the famous tape. Instead of missing six seconds of Ten Years Gone, they only miss three. (They did use a six second cut/repeat after Stairway.) The guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds. There’s an large increase in volume when the drums start in the beginning of ALS
Empress Valley’s fourth issue is found in the “For Badge Holders Only” box set, with the usual title. Although there are four very minor improvements during the last hour of the show, the splice in Ten Years Gone is happens too early, missing almost six seconds of the famous tape. The guitar solo is missing approximately 5 seconds. There is no big sound change/increase during the beginning of ALS. It’s sound is otherwise identical to the second and third issues by this label.

Akashic’s title has been amplified louder than any of these other mixed source titles. Empress Valley’s three releases are not quite as loud as Akashic. Wendy’s title is the least loud of the five. The differences in sound are most likely due to different eq’s and nothing else.

Overall, EV’s second Eddie does a better job with the Eddie tape and mixing in the other tape.
(EV’s second Eddie was issued in a sleeve with an obi. A promotional “Christmas” version was released simultaneously, using the same discs. The difference with the promo version is the exclusion of the obi and a different front picture, adorned with holly and Christmas lights. EV’s third version is sleeved, without an obi, and uses a different front picture. The discs are different. They have different matrix numbers, disc times, and some different cue stops. However, it is the same exact audio used in the prior release.)

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