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Jimi Hendrix Morning Symphony Ideas (2000)


“Morning Symphony Ideas” is a fantastical journey into the creative process and musical genius of James Marshall Hendrix.

This unbelievable collection of songs of previously unreleased songs and home demo’s gives you a bird’s eye view into Jimi’s intensity and complexities as an artist. These tracks never would have been released if he was alive. He demanded painstaking meticulous perfectionism with every song before it was ready to master for production. Just the same, this material is absolutely phenomenal, whether it’s a demo or unfinished track.

What are all the styles covered on this CD? Well, you name it and Hendrix did it. He basically could have picked up his guitar on any given day and decide to record a blues, jazz, or rock album without even thinking about it. The first song, “Keep On Groovin,'” is nearly 30 minutes long. I had to keep looking at my CD player to see if it had changed over to another track, amazingly it just kept going.

Jimi plays everything from rock, blues, jazz, and funk that would put George Clinton to shame. The kicker is that he accomplishes it all in one song. “Scorpio Woman” is another marathon fusion excursion with just as much musical diversity, clocking in at over 21 minutes. You also will hear some Latin Flamenco and island influences that are similar to reggae with a harder rock edge in “Jungle.”

Just when you thought you just heard the latest and greatest from the archives from this guitar legend they unearth another gem. If you think about the period of time he was around its mind boggling how much material he had committed to tape. It’s obvious that if he wasn’t playing live he was in the studio or at home recording something. The evolution of his music is breathtaking; I cannot even imagine how he would have evolved as an artist if he had lived. I am just beside myself as I delve further into this man’s legacy. This is jaw dropping six-string dexterity.

Another absolute must for any guitar aficionado or Hendrix fan.


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