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Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Concert Review: Auburn Hills (Detroit), June 26th, 1998


The equipment was set…the lights went out…the place went wild. The Palace was not even half full at this time. they put cloudy lights on the stage, you couldn’t see anything. The tension mounted. Then all of a sudden, the much anticipated moment arrived……everyone was on their feet. The screams came. There they were. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. WOW.

Everything was surreal. Nothing existed except for the stage. They went right into The Wanton Song. After that, Bring It On Home came. Now, i will be honest…I might not get the setlist in order, actually I know I won’t. But I can tell you what I heard the best I can.

Now this next song, really helped get people going. Jimmy was flawless and totally awesome. Heartbreaker. This was one of the many, many, many highlights of the night for me. This was amazing. Pagey was perfect, and Robert’s voice was awesome. They both hopped around and did little dances, almost always smiling. Robert went from one side of the stage to the other, while Jimmy was just all over!

Ramble On and Walking Into Clarksdale were next, I am pretty sure. Everyone knew the Zeppelin songs and that was when everyone was wild, but when the material from the new album came on, no one seemed to care as much. So, as you can guess, everyone took their seats during those songs. Haha, except for me. I never sat down. At a few points, I was the only one in my section standing. It was awesome.

I can’t remember the order of the songs but I think No Quarter was next. Oh, this was awesome. Robert sounded as young as ever and it was amazing! The organ wasn’t the same without JPJ, but sounded great! the place calmed down a bit when Shining In The Light came on. It didn’t matter, it was great.

For the next song, Robert and Jimmy both sat down. We knew something was coming. It was the beautiful Going To California. I was stunned at how Page could play. I mean yeah, I always knew he was great, but when you see him play. It just settles in your mind more. I was just blown away at his onstage talent. and several other songs made me feel the same way.

Tangerine was next I think. This was also a highlight. You never think much about this song, I mean yes you do, but when you hear it live… just grabs you.

Now when you want to get Detroit to rock…you play this song. I have never seen a reaction to music like I did this song. And I was extremely, I mean extremely in awe with Jimmy on guitar. It was perfect!!! Wondering the song yet? Gallows Pole all the way. That was the real start to the show. Everyone was on their feet for this one. It was rocking so hard in there, you could just feel it.

If this was planned it was smart…they played Heart In Your Hand, next off of the Walking Into Clarksdale album. Everybody calmed down a lot, but still had that energy. It was a show watching the crowd.

I leaned down and mentioned to my friend that I really really wanted to hear Babe I’m Gonna Leave You. Well guess what came on next? Oh, I was flipping out. It was wonderful. The place was rocking. When the song picks up and gets going you could see people headbanging all over the arena in the lights. It was awesome and so energetic. People were rocking. And it never stopped. Ever.

Now, this tune was wild also. It was such a solid song. It was one of the best of the night. How Many More Times. Everyone was screaming and jumping around and going completely nuts. They had the lights flashing all around and everyone was singing along. Looking at people all you could see were arms flying around. It gave you goosebumps to see all the Zeppelin fans there. It was unconceivable.

The First release off of the walking Into Clarksdale album, Most High followed How Many More Times. Once again, people calmed down quite considerably. Yet, since the night was wild most everyone stayed up and cheered and screamed. But, not as many people sang along. Haha, too many late say zep fans I guess.

The Encore:
The encore was next and was very well rehearsed. They went into each song very smoothly and did a flawless job in my ears. The main song which started and ended the encore, was the most wild song of the entire night besides Gallows Pole. This was Whole Lotta Love. Everyone just went crazy singing. It was wild. And everyone was still jumping around and the younger generation was headbanding. It was awesome. There were really three main songs in the encore. But Whole Lotta Love was the highlight. And the solo…oh, my. That solo rocked the building.

The “almost” end:
Robert said his goodbye and said how Detroit rocked and he was honored to play here. He said it was fun, but it was time to go. Jimmy had a huge smile on his face and he waved and just looked at the crowd in awe. (though he’d seen so much bigger in his life) And then….they were gone. Everyone screamed. I mean it was loud and rockin’. Everyone had their lighters up and. No one was leaving. Soon, everyone chanted

“We want more, we want more, we want more”. And everyone started to stomp and jump up and down. The lights were still off..we knew they’d be back. And a little less than 10 minutes…they were.

The Finale:
Robert came back out with an alcoholic beverage in his hand and everyone just went freaking crazy. And Jimmy also…wow they were back. Robert mumbled something but the crowd was too loud for anyone to hear. Then they did something I thought was unexpected…they didn’t do a hard rocking song like i though. They did Thank You. Oh, gosh, the emotions that came with that song. It was the end and we all knew it. Maybe not the end of the show but the end of the night. It all kind of set in our minds. I stood but didn’t move. I just thought and savored every minute of that song. Tears came to my eyes. It was the emotional highlight of the night.

But of course our boys couldn’t let the night end like that…the lights were placed on the drum set. And then we heard it. The place roared. For the grand finale, they played the ever so energetic Rock And Roll. It was crazy. It was awesome. Jimmy jumped around and did this leg kick that you used to see him do 20 years ago. The crowd just loved it. And he had the biggest smile. Robert put the mic towards the audience for the “lonely, lonely, lonely….time”. And everyone just screamed the lyrics. He did that everytime except for the last verse, he sang and so did we. It was incredible. Everyone at that concert was One. Everyone had the same feelings and emotions. We all knew what the other was feeling…haha well not all of us. Anyways, they played the drum ending like Bonzo used to do, just this was an extended one. It was awesome, it was loud and it was exactly like it used to sound so long ago. And jimmy came in for the end of the drum solo and the show was over.

The Goodbyes:
Everyone on stage was in smiles. Everyone. They all gathered together and bowed to the center, left and right. They said their goodnights and we all knew it was over. And they left. It was the last time i saw Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. The crowed roared and screamed. I danced around and embarrassed whoever was near. I didn’t care.

It was the best night of my life…

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