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Led Zeppelin bootleg – Another White Summer (1969)


One of the best-sounding Led Zeppelin bootlegs that surfaced in the 1990s was Another White Summer, which focuses primarily on a June 27, 1969 concert at Playhouse Theater in London.

A bootlegger calling itself Big Music obviously had a high-quality master recording to work with, for the sound quality is superb (by 1969 standards). In fact, one could go so far as to say that Another White Summer is a bootleg that would even impress an audiophile. The word superb also describes the performances themselves — as much jamming and improvising as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page do, Zeppelin sounds quite focused on “Communication Breakdown” and an 11-minute “Dazed and Confused,” as well as interpretations of Chicago blues classics like Howlin’ Wolf‘s “How Many More Times” and Willie Dixon‘s “You Shook Me.”

Meanwhile, two versions of the instrumental “White Summer” (one of which is a bonus track recorded in 1970 instead of 1969) find Page getting into some interesting, raga-influenced jamming. When this concert was recorded, Zeppelin only had one album out — the ultra-influential Led Zeppelin II was still a few months away from being released.

Easily recommended to heavy metal/hard rock and blues-rock lovers, Another White Summer is among the more rewarding bootlegs of Zeppelin’s early concerts.

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