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Led Zeppelin Mothership (2007)


Review You’re looking at the newest and best Led Zeppelin hits compilation–Mothership–which includes 2 discs of music spanning the band’s studio career, and one DVD of live footage culled from their self-titled DVD. There’s no question about the quality of the material on these discs–every single song is a riff-laden classic, crackling with energy, and it’s certainly a treat to see the band at the height of its live abilities. Considering that Led Zeppelin was a prime mover in popularizing album-oriented rock (as opposed to purely singles-oriented) in the late 60’s and early 70’s, cutting up some of the finest albums ever made and splicing together some of the transcendent moments onto two CDs seems to slightly contradict the spirit of the band’s best music.

Who, ideally, is Mothership for? Well, if you’re already a hardcore fan, you’ll most likely already have all of Zeppelin’s albums and all of this music, as well as the complete DVD set that this disc pulls from. Only the utter completists would want to add a totally redundant compilation to their collections. If you enjoy hearing Led Zeppelin on classic rock radio and are interested in actually owning some of their best songs in a compact, 1-case set, this may be a great choice–it’s definitely more compact than the separately-sold Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1 and Latter Days: Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol.2, and it offers the bonus of DVD video.

Honestly, though, if you see yourself ever being interested in Led Zeppelin beyond their token radio hits, I recommend steering clear of this compilation in favor of the actual albums. Yeah, it’s great that Mothership includes the pounding energy of “Good Times Bad Times,” the epic blues of “Dazed and Confused,” the radio-ready metal “Immigrant Song,” the playful eclecticism of “Ramble On,” D’Yer Maker,” and “Kashmir,” as well as the obligatory grandeur of “Stairway to Heaven,” but in the context of their original albums, these songs are even more hard-hitting, well-sequenced, and classic. Not only that, but Led Zeppelin’s first five (arguably six) albums are nearly flawless in their songwriting and execution–if you skip out on the full albums in favor of Mothership, you’ll also be missing out on all of the other great material that’s arguably just as great as these ‘greatest hits.’

Mothership is most definitely the best career-encompassing Led Zeppelin compilation available at present. If all you want are the hits in a tidy package, this is the place to get them. If you’re interested in really experiencing what made Led Zeppelin the first of its breed and its members innovators in every sense of the word, the best way to understand, enjoy, and be thrilled into believing the claim that they’re the best hard rock band of all time is to experience their albums as they were originally intended–after all, each one is practically a greatest hits package by itself! Last, if you’re looking for a relatively career-spanning compilation that’s not quite the same as you hear on the radio, don’t miss How The West Was Won; it’s their definitive live collection and a great way to hear a ton of their best songs as raw and epic live recordings.

Review I had to review this timeless work, a true master piece and a sheer genius work of art in music and sound reproduction! After reading some really aweful reviews and seeing that such a Great work is not getting its proper appreciation, I had to say something. This is such a huge leap in the advancement of sound remastering, that you would have to be absolutely deaf to not to realise it and appreciate it! These two CDs are like the masters of all masters. The gold CD’s of all gold CD’s. The difference is like Day and Night! My four year old could spot the diffs. I am really sorry for those people, who don’t recognize it and value its true merits. I suggest you guys please get your Ears cleaned and checked! A thorough exam should be in order!

Let me tell you how huge this reincarnation is: For the first time we (rare breed of course) the audiophile and/or true Zep fans alike, who don’t listen to Led Zeppelin only on their mediocre iPod or from the downloaded crappy no quality MP3s, can enjoy or relive the true experience of this everlasting Sonic Phenomenon AKA. Led Zeppelin! Now you can represent this music to your offspring and the upcoming generations and prove that you were not crazy all these years when you loved and endeared a band not like any other bands in the history of Rock and Roll.

Every song in these two CDs is so vivid and vibrant that you get goosebumps for every note played and every sound reproduced. I could not believe my ears! It was like listening to the Led Zeppelin in your own studio while they recording the songs just for you and you are listening them live and for the first time and falling in love with the music and the sweet sound and the melody of every note played, all over again! For years I thought that I could only hear that kind of sound in my Record Player. Yes, I am one of the rare breeds who still owns a record player and collected every vinyls ever produced by the Led Zeppelin. CDs were supposed to bring more Dynamic Range and realism to the sound and the music but what we had all these years are the washed down version of Super Genius work of art. I could not stand the CDs that were released. However, that did not stop me from buying the CDs. I bought every release hoping someday it will come out right. Well my patience finally paid off thanks to everybody who worked on this project and has made the band immortal for all the generations to come.

This compilation is to all the Audiophile’s dream come true and prayers fulfilled, as some other reviewer said a true godsend indeed! Normally you would pay Ten or Twenty times more to get this kind of recording and remastering. If you are a true fan and audiophile you will definitely buy this set. If you are just another cheap downloader or iPod listener you will just utter non-sense to justify that you are right and everybody else is wrong. Well, let me tell you something. “Grapes are always sour” to those who never had them or can’t have them.

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