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Led Zeppelin Ultimate Mudslide


At first glance, The Ultimate Mudslide appears to be a Mobile Fidelity release — the OMS label steals Mobile Fidelity’s graphics style on this CD. But The Ultimate Mudslide is definitely a bootleg — not a Mobile Fidelity release — and it is based on the 1970s bootleg Mudslide, which was recorded at Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada on March 21, 1970.

There are some important differences between the old vinyl versions of Mudslide (which came out on Trademark of Quality in the early 1970s and was reissued by various other bootleggers later in the decade) and this CD version.

According to OMS, the songs on the original Mudslide were completely out of order and have been restored to their proper order with this disc — gems that include “Heartbreaker,” “Thank You,” “Whole Lotta Love,” “What Is and What Should Never Be,” and “Communication Breakdown.” But The Ultimate Mudslide adds some bonus tracks from a March 29, 1970 show at the University of Houston, including “How Many More Times.”

Unfortunately, the sound quality is poor on the Houston performances, which were obviously recorded on a cheap mono recorder. OMS admits that this bootleg doesn’t contain the Vancouver show in its entirety — what OMS doesn’t tell you is that Trademark of Quality’s original Mudslide LP actually had slightly better sound quality than this CD version. While The Ultimate Mudslide offers good sound quality, Trademark’s Mudslide LP had excellent sound.

Nonetheless, The Ultimate Mudslide is quite enjoyable (except for the poor-sounding bonus tracks) and is worth searching for if you’re a lover of Led Zeppelin’s early work.

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