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The Doors Live In Boston


I’m writing this review so those who are skeptical or hesitant about purchasing this release might better appreciate what to do instead of regretting it later. The shows recorded at Boston were part of a number of shows professionally recorded by the band for a future live release. Jim was an alcoholic and he did get drunk at some of the Doors live performances. If you don’t want to hear what a drunk Jim Morrison sounds like, then definitely purchase Live at Detroit and you will get a much better performance from Morrison and the band in general.

However, if you dare cross the line and dwell in the “loose palace of exile” you might find yourself surprisingly entertained by the Doors live at Boston. First off, the mix of this recording definitely fits the setting. The Doors played in an arena and what you get is “arena sound.” It makes for great listening if you turn it way up!!! John Densmore’s drums are mixed front and center and it sounds great! As for the shows:

The howl and moan by Jim at the start of the first set is quite a pleasure to listen to and it sets the stage for a ballsy Road House Blues which follows immediately after. Ship of Fools is well performed by the band and Jim is able to sing most of the lyrics, albeit in inebriated form. I won’t review each and every song but sufficit to say, as long as you don’t mind the grunts and slurs and yells by Jimbo, and you crank this recording loud, you will have a fun time!

No one in the audience could have cared less if Jimbo was drunk as a skunk! The Doors bravely carry on, juiced Jimbo and all. In the second set, Jim is even drunker but he’s capable of reciting poetry, (graveyard poem) and it’s a beautiful one at that! He also raps with the audience and you get the feel of being in the audience thanks to Bruce Botnick’s sound mix. I can imagine how the audience was having a fun time at this show and were rightly pissed off when the management cut the power because the Doors went “overtime” When you hear Jimbo say […] once the power is cut, you can hear how upset the audience was at seeing the Doors being prevented from playing further!

The Doors don’t perform every song well and do show some noticeable deficiencies and you can hear some flubs in many of the tunes performed. But hey, this is live and not every show is going to be performed to perfection. If you want a more “perfect live Doors experience” than go purchase “Absolutely Live.” This is Live in Boston and the suds flow during this show and Jimbo has a whale of a time performing live in front of his fans. This is a must release for hardcore Doors fans and an important release to fill in the picture of Jim Morrison, one of the more complicated, colorful and talented artists of the late 1960’s.

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