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The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East (1971)


There is just something about the Fillmore that makes a band shine beyond anything they could’ve done in just normal venues. This is quite notable with a wide variety of bands. This is without a doubt the best material the ABB have ever released. Just by listening to a few of the songs on Live at the Fillmore you can tell where they really shined. They even have said themselff that they had gotten frustrated doing the studio albums.

Going into the concert they had an idea of what they had wanted to achieve. No real setup just a bunch of guys just jamming doing what they had always done best. Quite a few of the songs on the album they had never even recorded previous to the concert. And a lot of them had been covers of old blues songs that they had loved for years.

The band itself were simply put superstars at what they did. Containing arguably the tightest rhythm section in rock. One thing is for sure Butch Trucks and Berry Oakley sure could hold the band together. The two guitarists were for sure some of the best. While they each had their part. Duane was the slide man, and he stills stands the best after all these years. Dickey took care of the great leads that you often hear in the ABB. Gregg Allman’s voice fits perfectly with the band. And it would certainly not be the same with anyone else.

Now onto the songs:
1. Statesboro Blues – This is originally a William McTell song. It is one of the many songs the ABB covered at the Fillmore. As they introduce the Allman Brothers Band. The song starts off with just plain great slide playing by Duane. And this continues throughout out the whole song. Gregg’s soothing voice comes in and goes great with the song. This song is probably up there as Duane’s best guitar work which is saying quite a lot. The rhythm section is so tight on this song it is almost scary. Easily a standout.

2. Done Somebody Wrong- On the next song they cover an older Elmore James song. As Gregg says before the song starts its a true story just like a lot of old blue songs. Starts off with a really catchy slide lick and starts going from there. There is a few fabulous solos played by both Duane and Dickey which really stand out and make the song shine. After hearing both the original and their version, I must say that this version is so a lot better. Great song

3. Stormy Monday- This song was originally done by T-Bone Walker. This is a slower placed song compared to the last few. It has a fabulous solo that fits in so perfect with the song its amazing. They put so much emotion into this solo and in general, the song. And then there is an organ solo which you probably wouldn’t be the first thing you would think of hearing in an ABB song. But surprisingly it fits in quite nicely with the song. Followed by another guitar solo to end the song.

4. You Don’t Love Me- This was originally performed and written by Willie Cobbs. This one of the long jams in the album. Which is fitting considering that they are a jam band. In the beginning of the song the band gets the crowd going early. Along with quite a stunning guitar riff. Also you can hear in the background,the organ going along with the guitar. Followed by quite an amazing solo, more fast and ferocious than the others solos on the album but still as good if not better. And here comes the organ solo which was heard throughout the whole song so it is no surprise to hear it again. And might i say it sounds great in the song. There is a point in the song where it all stops for just Duane to play. This is where he shines in the song, without a doubt the best part in the song. Then, the pace of the song changes and it almost seems like a different song. But no, its just a little change. Fabulous Fabulous Song

5. Hot ‘Lanta- This is actually a true original by the ABB. It is an instrumental where all members of the band get to show off their skills. Each have their time in the song to shine and be heard. I think it is an alright song but it just doesn’t really compare to other songs on the album. It just seems to lack that true ABB sound.

6. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed- Another original this time a more popular one that is probably familiar to you. Has a more jazzy feel than quite a few of their others songs. The guitar work in this song is amazing because it strays away from the style(s) that the guitarists usually do. About halfway through the song there is a great organ solo. I would say it is the best organ solo on the whole album. And there are a lot of great ones on here so that is saying alot. Fantastic Song.

7. Whipping Post- If you have heard one Allman Brothers Band songs without actually knowing it. It should be familiar to most people. It is a very recognizable riff. And this is probably one of the best versions to be heard of it. This version is high on improvisation and it is just amazing how they can string out a 4 minute song to become a 20 minute song and still have you interested every second of the song.

This is and probably always will be one of my favourite albums of all time. I would recommend this to everyone but especially to people that like classic rock, jam bands , and southern rock. But just give it a chance if you like any style of rock.

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